What could a 5 year home maintenance budget look like?

What could a 5 year home maintenance budget look like?


Everyone’s circumstances differ. However let’s take a look at what a 5 year budget for maintaining an average residential property could look like. For the purpose of this example the original condition, 3 bedroom double brick residence was built 15 years ago, is 150m2 in area, 70 linear metres in total dimension and sits on a fenced quarter acre block. Use the ‘Maintenance Task Categories’ in this table to calculate your own 5 year maintenance budget.

Maintenance task categories

5 year $ total

Damp repairs (rising damp/salt damp) 

  • Silicon injected damp-proof $120 x 70 linear metres
  • New air vents x 4 @ $24 each
  • Replastering of damaged plaster $1,470 (doesn’t include the cost of painting)


Doors and door hardware repair

  • DIY replacement of 2 internal doors and handles @ $250 each
  • DIY replacement of 3 kitchen cabinet hinges @ $25 each
  • Repair of sliding door on built-in robe. Labour @ $40 per hour x 2.



  • For the purpose of this example, there are no drainage issues anticipated. But keep in mind, drainage related repairs can be very inconvenient, let alone costly!


Electrical faults and repairs

  • 3 call outs calculated on a minimum service call fee of $78 each time. Then 2 hours investigation and repair for each call out at an additional $46 per hour plus 2 power point replacements at $80 each.


Exterior painting

  • The window frames, door frames, fascia boards and balcony decking and pergola are due for a new coat of paint. Labour will cost you around $39 per hour and paint supplies around $12 per m2.


Fencing and gate maintenance

  • The front gate needs to be replaced, otherwise the fences are in good repair. DIY replacement of the gate will cost around $465.


Floor repair and /or floor coverings, including cleaning

  • Floor coverings have all recently been updated. A twice a year steam clean of all new wool blend carpets at $69 per room x 5 rooms is  budgeted for.


Gardening, including weeding

  • This low maintenance garden needs some regular weeding and pruning. $40 per hour for 2 hours every 8 weeks is budgeted for.


Heating and cooling systems

  • Reverse air cycle heating and cooling was installed two years ago. The owners are just keeping their fingers crossed that the next 5 years will be maintenance free. No budget for repairs or maintenance is included.
Interior painting

  • Interior paint is looking tired. Painting of all 10 rooms at around $650 per room is budgeted for.


Lawn mowing and edging

  • $88 per job, or $760 per year.


Lighting – replacement, cleaning and repair

  • 15 internal lights and 4 external lights. Average of $10 per globe (based on compact fluorescent light bulbs). The lifespan on these is around 4 years.


Pest control

  • Once a year general domestic pest control @ $250.


Planting and pruning of trees

  • Removal of one tree threatening the house at $1,000.




  • Replacement of a hot water service, $1,180. Call out fee of $78 plus $46 per hour for installation.
  • 2 leaking taps and 1 gas leak that need repair.



  • $7,000 to restump a house. Fortunately in this example, the house sits on a concrete slab!
Roofing and guttering

  • Replacement of guttering and four downpipes.



Sealing of wet areas

  • Waterproofing of leaking shower and bath.


Tile repair, replacement or re-grouting

  • Covered by the waterproofing job above.

  • Replacement of two south facing windows due to dry rot.


Woodwork repair

  • Covered by the replacement of windows above.
Grand total of 5 years worth of maintenance costs


Disclaimer: Most labour and supply costs have been calculated according to Archicentre’s 2010 maintenance guide and taking the minimum cost in the price range quoted. Other costs are estimates for the purpose of providing a working example. Please ensure to seek out precise quotations from service providers and suppliers in fleshing out your own 5 year budget.

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