WW1 Centenary Commemorations: Screen Productions

WW1 Centenary Commemorations: Screen Productions


Between 2014 and 2018 there will be a number of productions on big and small screens commemorating the centenary of the First World War. Leading the charge is the BBC with the program for the entire four years already confirmed. Australian production houses have also been busy. These are just some of what you can expect in the next year.


Adapted from best selling book Gallipoli by Les Carlyon, this eight part Australian television drama series is in the making. Featuring backdrops filmed in Melbourne and surrounding areas, including Bacchus Marsh and Werribee, the 25 April 1915 landing will be recreated on the Mornington Peninsula. The expected release date is in early 2015.

Take a peek at the hauntingly enticing YouTube trailer (2:33) backed by an emotive version of Amazing Grace by Lucy Mason.


Sam Worthington plays a lead role in Deadline Gallipoli, a four-part television drama series for Foxtel due to screen early in 2015. Deadline Gallipoli focuses on the censorship that Australian war correspondents who accompanied the troops to Gallipoli in 1915 faced and how their quest for the truth helped change the war’s course. 1,200 South Australian locals joined Rachel Griffiths, John Bell and many other well respected Australian actors on the shoot as extras. Currently in post production, the series will go to air on Foxtel in early 2015.


This BBC1 series centres on the lives of nurses and the patients at a fictional field hospital in France during the First World War. Starring Oona Chaplin, Hermione Norris and Kerry Fox, The Crimson Field is available on DVD.


Four years’ worth of scheduled commemorative programs - BBC WW1 Centenary TV and Radio Program

The Guardian’s interactive documentary - ‘A global guide to the first world war’

An interactive episode of BBC’S drama - ‘Our World War’

A variety of WW1 programs - The History Channel

Victorian Government’s Anzac Centenary Films on World War 1

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