What Are The Benefits of Having an On-Site Nurse?

What Are The Benefits of Having an On-Site Nurse?


Having medical staff within easy reach is one of the most attractive benefits of living in a retirement village. Although residents may have their own doctors and specialists within the area, having a resident nurse to go to with niggling concerns, or for general health information and advice, can help to provide reassurance as well as practical medical support. Residents of Beleura retirement village in Mornington are fortunate enough to have a resident nurse on hand five days a week. Although registered Nurse Debra Bent describes the biggest benefit for residents as “reassurance and just being here for peace of mind,” her presence and hard work provides a range of other benefits for the seniors living in the community.

Access to information and services

The resident nurse in a village is often responsible for arranging health information sessions and promoting general health within the community. This can include guest speakers, regular clinics where medical professionals such as physiotherapists or massage therapists visit the village, or information evenings about specific health problems seniors often face. These sessions can be informative and help residents who may be experiencing health difficulties, along with those who just want to learn more about prevention and early signs.

The nurse will also arrange vaccination clinics for flu vaccines and discuss the benefits of vaccination with residents, along with advising who should and should not be vaccinated.

The village nurse also has knowledge of the local medical community and can recommend services and specialists for residents who suffer from specific health problems. Other services the nurse may be able to refer residents to include aged care facilities and meals on wheels.

Day-to-day assistance

The village nurse can provide regular day-to-day health assistance for residents, including post-operative care, changing dressings and administering first aid for minor problems. In the event of a serious emergency, the nurse can remain with residents until ambulance services arrive, and administer CPR or other lifesaving medical treatment where necessary.

Assisting with emergency phone systems and updating records

All of the homes in Beleura Village Mornington are equipped with emergency phone systems, as well as other modifications, which can allow seniors with health issues to feel safe and supported so they can maintain their independence.

One of the most important services Beleura Village resident nurse Debra Bent undertakes is gathering residents’ medical histories to be sent to INS, the company who manages the emergency phone system at Beleura. In the event that residents need to call the emergency phone service, their up-to-date medical records can be displayed to phone operators, enabling more effective and speedy assistance.

Answering questions

A large part of Debra Bent’s day is taken up with answering questions from residents on a huge number of different issues. From upcoming procedures to niggling health concerns, Debra’s presence provides valuable help to residents on a daily basis. Retirement should be a time to relax and enjoy life and with the presence of a nurse on-site, residents of Beleura Village Mornington can spend less time worrying about health concerns, and more time enjoying themselves.

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