Spring / Summer Planting Guide

Spring / Summer Planting Guide


The emergence of Spring and new garden growth has green thumbs twitching. Many gardeners plant Spring/Summer vegies at this time but it is still important to provide some protection for seedlings against cold mornings and frost in the early weeks of Spring. The ideal time to start planting out seedlings is in October.


Now is  a good time to plant:

Artichokes Basil Beans Capsicums Carrots Chillies Celery Cucumbers Eggplants Fennel Onions Leeks Lettuce Mint Parsley Peas Pumpkin Radishes Shallots Silverbeet Snowpeas Spinach Squash Sweetcorn Tomatoes Zucchinis


Balcony Gardening

There is no need to have wide open spaces in order to keep those green thumbs busy. Even those who live in an apartment can enjoy the benefits of gardening.

Growing great organic vegetables is very rewarding. Many vegetables will grow well in containers -the key to success is watering them well. A small kitchen garden that includes herbs, strawberries, salad leaves and cherry tomatoes not only tastes good – but is beautiful to look at too!

Because balcony gardens have such a small footprint of space, you can use climbing plants to add more interest to your garden. Climbing plants will help create atmosphere, and will also allow you to use more of your balcony garden’s floor space for seating or dining.


Early Tomatoes

Tomatoes need warmth and some reasonable protection in order to grow and fruit. They are, after all, a tropical/sub-tropical plant.

By starting as early as possible you can stagger several crops and secure a high yielding tomato supply right up until next winter.

For an early crop of tomatoes, follow these tips to get your first seedlings up and running.

Plant and grow tomatoes in pots with a quality, premium grade potting mix; early spring the ground is too cold. In pots you can bring their root temperature up by a couple degrees as potting mix is slightly warmer than the earth.

After two to three weeks you can plant them out in the garden once the weather warms. By doing this you can be assured of a first crop of tomatoes well before Christmas.

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