Simplify your living, maximise enjoyment

Simplify your living, maximise enjoyment


New houses are getting bigger across Australia, while apartments and units are shrinking. If you’re looking into accommodation that will suit your retirement lifestyle, this housing trend is not ideal. Making a lifestyle decision to maximise leisure time and simplify your living, shouldn’t mean having to downsize to living in shoebox.

House sizes grow and apartment sizes shrink

According to a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report, the internal floor area of units and apartments are definitely getting smaller.

Over the past decade, the size of new houses has grown by 2.6%, from 235m2 to 241m2. At the same time, other long-term residential new builds - including units and apartments - have shrunk in floor area by 6%, from 142.5m2 to 133.9m2.

If you want to simplify your living in your retirement years, this is where the challenge lies.  Newly built, low maintenance accommodation is appealing, but you may not want to sacrifice the comfort of space.

Home maintenance, or regular holidays?

If you’re living in your family home, staying right where you are is an option. Think ahead fifteen years. Are you prepared to commit to ongoing home maintenance? Home lenders and financial advisers recommend putting aside one to two percent of the market value of your home every year to cover home maintenance. The older your home, the greater the maintenance need. If your property is valued at $350,000 that means setting aside $3,500 to $7,000 annually. Imagine if that was your holiday budget instead?

Too close for comfort?

Downsizing to an apartment is an option for low maintenance living in your retirement.

Consider the following in making a decision about buying into a residential complex. What are the body corporate fees? What is car parking access like? Where can visitors park safely? Are the grounds ample and well maintained?

Residential unit or apartment complexes are rarely built on generous blocks. How many people will be sharing the complex with you at any one time? What security is in place? Would you feel safe living here decades from now?

Stay active, feel safe and secure and enjoy life

Retirement village living is an affordable, safe and secure, convenient, low maintenance lifestyle choice for seniors. Good quality independent living retirement villages offer detached villas or apartment options surrounded by generous, manicured grounds along with resort style facilities and active health programs and services.

Security is a key feature.  Villages are designed with ample facilities for car parking, caravan parking and visitor parking. Designed for ageing in place, there is no need to refurbish for mobility in your twilight years.

If you’re interested in enjoying a full, active retirement lifestyle while feeling safe and secure, contact us at Retirement Communities Australia. We’d love to show you around one of our Melbourne retirement villages so you can get started on enjoying your leisure time!

Simplify your living while you maximise enjoyment!



Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 8752.0 - Building Activity, Australia, June 2013 from Quarterly Building Activity survey

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