Seniors Health a Priority at RCA Villages

Seniors Health a Priority at RCA Villages


Resident Health is a Priority at Retirement Community Australia Villages.

Keeping healthy is now easier than ever for seniors living at Retirement Communities Australia (RCA) villages. RCA recently launched its new Active Health Centres at each of its communities, including at Point Cook Village.

The Active Health Centres are a one-stop shop aimed at helping seniors to take a proactive approach to improving and managing their health. Retirement Communities Australia General Manager Andrew Phillip said the Active Health Centres are designed to “promote wellness for residents as well as providing care and support services.”

Overseen by a registered nurse, the Active Health Centres not only offer emergency care and post-operative treatment, but also health information, advice and a number of different programs and activities to ensure that village residents stay healthy and active throughout their retirement.

What services do the Active Health Centres offer?

The centres are located within each village and are free to access. Each centre offers a number of different support services for village residents, including: • In-village health services, which includes a number of visiting health practitioners such as doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors and more. • Information and appointment management for residents who wish to see visiting health practitioners. • Health, lifestyle and social engagement activities intended to promote both physical and mental health. The activities organised by the Active Health Centres include aqua aerobics, strength and conditioning classes, yoga, snooker, craft groups and a regular happy hour for residents to socialise and meet others. • Knowledge and education. The Active Health Centre nurses organise health professionals to come to the centres and give talks to residents on a number of issues that affect seniors, including diabetes, cancer, nutrition and other topics. • Health consultations with the nurses or other visiting practitioners for residents who are dealing with specific medical issues, require post-operative care or are looking for advice about how they can improve their overall heath. • Emergency services and response for residents who are in immediate danger, or who experience a medical crisis.

The Active Health Centres are set up and run by registered nurses who can advise residents on the best activities and programs for their specific needs. Residents also get access to the active health diary service, where they are given the opportunity to sit down with the nurse and map out a tailored program to suit their interests, state of health and any current medical issues they might be dealing with.

What are the benefits to residents?

The Active Health Centres are intended to benefit residents in a number of ways. As well as helping them improve their health and quality of life, the Active Health Centres give residents access to activities, information and medical services at a substantially lower cost than if they tried to organise them in the local community. Practitioners visiting the centre can charge less than they would have to outside the village, and bulk bill the residents where appropriate. Having all the information and facilities they need is also much more convenient for residents, who would previously have had to arrange transportation or drive themselves to see different medical practitioners or participate in activities.

With the Retirement Communities Australia Active Health Centres up and running, residents can now enjoy their retirement even more and stay healthy and active for longer than ever.

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