Seniors Benefits: Part 3 - the Seniors Card

Seniors Benefits: Part 3 - the Seniors Card


Did you know there is a range of benefits and concessions for which you may be eligible if you are a senior living in Victoria? In this three-part series of articles we discuss the range of benefits and concessions available to seniors residing in Victoria.  You may be entitled to discounts on various items such as Council Rates, Water Rates, electricity, gas and telephone and reductions on public transport, taxi fares and driver’s licence and registration renewals, medical services and prescription medications.

In part one, we discussed concession requirements.  In part two we outlined the benefits available and how to apply.  In this final part we discuss the benefits of applying for a Seniors Card.

Please note all the concessions discussed are currently available but may be subject to change by the relevant authorities awarding the concessions at a later date.

What is a Seniors Card?

The Seniors Card is a free card issued by every state and territory government to eligible seniors living in Australia.  It provides a range of benefits through partnerships between the government and businesses to encourage retirees to engage with the community.  The benefits include a range of discounted goods and services, travel, recreation, restaurants, furniture, electrical goods and financial products to name a few.


The eligibility criteria varies from state to state.  In Victoria, the card is available to Australians who are 60 or over and are either fully retired or not receiving paid employment for more than 35 hours per week.   You must be a permanent resident of Australia living in Victoria.  If you are living outside of Victoria it is worth checking the Seniors Card website to confirm eligibility requirements.


With your Victorian Seniors Card you can obtain discounts from thousands of businesses across Victoria.  The discount is usually 10%.  A full list of participating businesses can be found on the discounts and benefits page on the Seniors Card website.  Keep your eye out for the “Seniors Card Welcome Here” sign around Victoria and Participating Businesses across Australia.

Examples of other benefits include free entry to the Melbourne Museum, the Immigration Museum and Scienceworks and exemption from a Fishing License to fish in Victorian waters.

As a Victorian Seniors Card holder, you are also entitled to significant discounts and benefits on transport and travel. Make sure you indicate on your form that you wish to receive a free Seniors Myki card. Travel benefits include:

  • Concession fares on public transport throughout all states and territories of Australia.
  • Free public transport during the Victorian Seniors Festival week.
  • Free off-peak travel vouchers each year for travel within Victoria.
  • Free travel within any two adjacent zones on Saturdays and Sundays with the Seniors myki. Concession fares on public transport throughout Australia and other transport benefits such as free weekend travel with a Seniors myki.

And if you are travelling interstate, remember to take your Seniors Card with you as you will be entitled to concession rate travel on public transport in all Australian states and territories.  The card may also be accepted at some international destinations (hotels etc)

Note, the Seniors Card does not provide concession on utilities (gas, water, electricity)

How to apply for a Seniors Card

You can apply for your Seniors Card up to three weeks before your 60th birthday.  In Victoria you can make application for the card at any Australia Post outlet or you can download and print the form via the website:  Seniors Card application form (PDF 260KB).

Completed forms can be sent my mail to:

Seniors Card Program

GPO Box 4316

Melbourne VIC 3001

Or you can scan your completed form to:

You should allow 3-4 weeks for card to arrive.

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