Retire in Style

Retire in Style


Is the old family home getting too much to manage now that you are retired? After retirement, many seniors find the maintenance of a big house too time consuming, and decide to downsize. If you want to enjoy the benefits of lower maintenance costs, access to a variety of amenities, and health facilities on your doorstep, why not consider a retirement village?

Low maintenance living

At a Retirement Communities Australia village, you could be forgiven for thinking you were on holiday. Our resort-style villages offer a large number of benefits to residents, from health care on tap, to pools, communal gardens and even golf courses. Our villas are equipped with modern appliances, and are designed to be low maintenance. Rather than having the upkeep and maintenance of a large and probably half empty family home, you can live in one of our stylish villas and enjoy an easier lifestyle.

Award-winning design

Our award-winning retirement homes at Point Cook Village and Beleura Village Mornington have been designed for convenience and practicality, and incorporate features such as internal access from the garage, and a level floor plan to make life easier. The emphasis on convenient design is consistent at our Cardinia Waters Village as well.

There is no need to compromise on space, with all villas coming equipped with a guest bedroom and home office, as well as outdoor entertaining space in the form of terraces and patios. There is plenty of room for the grandchildren to come and stay, and all the villas are designed with privacy in mind, so that you can be as social or as independent as you like.

Be part of a community

Many retirees can feel isolated in the family home. Depending on your location you may need to travel to meet friends, or engage in social activities, and this can make it harder to get out and about, particularly if you don’t have a car. One of the benefits of retirement living is that you have a community on your doorstep, and there is always plenty to do and people to talk to if you want. The village bus will also help you get around.

Plenty to do

After retirement, finding activities in your local area can be a challenge, particularly if there aren’t a large number of seniors around you. Retirement villages have a huge range of leisure activities to choose from, which can cater to every taste, whether you enjoy art, reading, walking, gardening, keeping fit, or learning new skills. There are even opportunities to become part of the wider community by volunteering or working part time with other residents.

Safe and secure

Retirees can have concerns about security when they remain in their family homes, particularly if they plan to go away travelling and visiting relatives during their retirement. The added security of living in a retirement village is reassuring for residents, and if you go away you know there will always be someone to keep an eye on your home until you get back.

Retirement village living may not be as expensive as you think either; this calculator can help you compare the costs of living in your family home with those of living in a retirement village.

Retirement village living is becoming increasingly popular among seniors, and it is easy to see why. With so many benefits and things to do, retirement living really does provide the opportunity to relax and enjoy your retirement, and can be a highly desirable alternative to staying in the family home.





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