Part 3 of Our Retirement Village Model: Active Health

Part 3 of Our Retirement Village Model: Active Health


Welcome to the third of a series of articles on RCA’s unique philosophies and retirement village operating model. As our ageing population grows, so does the number of retirement living choices. In this series, we are exploring what makes Retirement Communities Australia (RCA) retirement villages unique and a great lifestyle choice for many Victorian seniors.

A warm welcome

We’re a family owned business bringing decades of passion, experience and knowledge about Victoria’s retirement village industry to each of our retirement villages. Our philosophies are multi-faceted and always focused on optimising lifestyle choices for our residents.

Join us and explore each of these facets further, starting with the philosophies that drive our village locations and designs in Part 1 of this series – Our retirement village model: philosophy driven design; and Part 2 – Good value for money.

In Part 3, we’ll dive deeper into our unique Active Health Program and why it is an important feature for our residents.

Active health is the foundation of thriving, happy, healthy communities

A key focus of each of our retirement villages is to enrich the lives of our residents as they immerse themselves in their new home and lifestyle.

Research has repeatedly supported that happiness, longevity and well-being are directly linked with regular engagement in social and physical activities. The Kungsholmen Project is just one longitudinal research example supporting this.

We’ve taken this on board, and made it our business to create happy, active and healthy senior communities.

RCA’s Active Health Centres

As a resident of an RCA retirement village, facilities in our clubhouses such as swimming pools, spas, bowling greens, craft rooms, walking paths, gymnasiums, libraries, billiard rooms, dining areas, bar and a communal, commercial kitchen are all part of your home.

In addition to these facilities ― and unique to our villages ― is our Active Health Centre and Program.

RCA’s Active Health Centres go well beyond the standard provision of emergency call services and visiting doctors commonly offered by over 55s accommodation operators.

Each RCA village has its own Active Health Centre, managed and coordinated by an on-site health professional, who is usually a registered nurse trained and highly experienced in looking after the health and well-being of the residents.

As a resident of our village, you receive free membership of the Active Health Centre.

Six pillars of Active Health

Our Active Health Program comprise of six pillars of health management. Each village’s Active Health Coordinator will sit down with residents one on one and help work through a tailored program of activities that will suit the resident’s needs.

It may be that you want to get stronger or fitter, you want to meet fellow residents through social activities, or you may need assistance in recovering from a health event.

“Your Active Health Centre coordinator will get you up and running faster than if you had to manage your recovery on your own,” shared RCA’s Managing Director, Andrew Philip.

Pillar 1: Arranging in-village health services

Your Active Health Coordinator will bring health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and other specialists into the village. This means you can access the services, in the consulting rooms that are a part of the convenience and comfort of the village Clubhouse amenities.

Pillar 2: Information and appointment management services

Your Active Health Coordinator manages a doctors’ appointment book and liaison with hospitals and referral services. If you’re in need of specific health practitioners, the Active Health Coordinator will set up those appointments for you. For example, if you’ve suffered a health event that requires physiotherapy, the Coordinator can help you arrange a physiotherapist appointment.

“Having someone coordinate appointments can really help alleviate some of the stress involved in recovering from a health event, so you can get back on your feet sooner,” Andrew Philip shared.

Pillar 3: Health, lifestyle and social engagement

Part of staying healthy and feeling good is being socially and physically active. As a resident of an RCA village, you’ll find a number of social and physical fitness activities you can choose from to improve your health and wellbeing.

On the physical side, there are activities like aqua aerobics classes in heated indoor pools, walking groups, lawn bowls, billiards, golf, gym classes and group personal training sessions.

Regular social interaction is just as important in maintaining good health and wellbeing. Coffee clubs, happy hours and organised day trips are just some of the social activities on offer.

Your Active Health Coordinater will inform you of the services available, keep you up to date on village events and help you personalise a program of regular activities.

Pillar 4: Knowledge and education hub

Staying informed on topics that can equip you to maximise your health is a great way to empower yourself to live well, with longevity, health and wellbeing motivating good lifestyle choices. Your Active Health Coordinator will invite and schedule a range of experts and health professionals to share on-site presentations and seminars on topics such as prostate health, breast screening, diabetes, first aid, nutrition and neurological health.

Pillar 5: Health consultations

Direct care is provided by a dedicated village nurse. Services you may otherwise have to travel to, and pay for, are provided at each RCA village as part of our Active Health Centre and Program – dressing of wounds, blood pressure monitoring, assistance with chronic health condition management, coordination of post-operative assistance and checking on glucose and blood sugar levels are a few of the services you might want to access over time.

Pillar 6: Emergency services

Every RCA villa is equipped with an emergency call service that is easily accessible.  We encourage people to use this service when they need to. Importantly it gives you, and your loved ones, peace of mind that you have emergency medical help at your fingertips should you ever need it.  No matter what the time of day, once you push the emergency services button, there is always someone at the end of the phone line to help you. During business hours, there is always a nurse on site – your own village nurse that will get to know your history and background and understand your medical needs.

Your health is a fundamental asset for enjoying your senior years. “We want to make great lives, even better,” reflected RCA’s Managing Director, Andrew Philip.

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