Mornington Peninsula Volunteering

Mornington Peninsula Volunteering


Often when people retire they feel a desire to donate time and energy to community groups such as the Lions Club, Rotary and Probus. Beleura Village in Mornington has links with a number of different volunteer groups, which provide opportunities for residents to get involved with the local community and undertake charity work. Here are a few of the organisations on the Mornington Peninsula where Retirement Communities Australia village residents can volunteer.

Lions Club

The Lions Club is an Australia-wide organisation that meets regularly to assist with a number of different community-based activities and initiatives. Open to all ages, men and women, getting involved with the Lions Club is a great way for residents to meet people of all ages and walks of life in the local community, and get involved in some worthwhile projects.

Rotary Club

The Rotary Club is a worldwide organisation. Its members are business, community and professional leaders, and the club is non-religious and open to members from all backgrounds and nationalities. As well as being a fantastic way to develop business networks, the Rotary Club takes on a number of community projects and initiatives, and there are plenty of opportunities for members to get involved helping the community at large.


The Probus Club is aimed specifically at retirees and has a very strong social focus. Affiliated with the Rotary Club, the Probus Club in Mornington is set up to help active retirees make new friends, enjoy their retirement and stay healthy in their senior years.

Country Women’s Association (CWA)

The CWA is a national organisation that is aimed at helping to improve the conditions and welfare of country-based women and children. The CWA is open to women of all ages, and they regularly undertake fundraising and charity work on a wide range of different projects, both in Australia and internationally.

Shire Nursery

The Shire Nursery offers opportunities for volunteers to help out on horticulture projects three days a week and the first Saturday of every month. All levels of experience are welcome, and volunteering provides a great opportunity to meet people, make friends and learn more about local plants and gardening.

Meals on Wheels

If residents have their own car, they can get involved delivering meals to disabled and elderly local residents. This can be a great way to give something back to the community and meet a wide range of different people.

Community animal shelter

Volunteering at the community animal shelter in Mornington can give animal-loving local residents the opportunity to help with cleaning, grooming, training and raising awareness of animal welfare issues in the wider community. To volunteer at the community animal shelter, people do need to have formal animal management qualifications or experience looking after pets or other animals. Volunteering can be a wonderfully rewarding experience, and a chance to really participate in the local community outside the Retirement Communities Australia village. There is bound to be something of interest to do!

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