Highlights from the Recent Retirement Communities Australia Forum

Highlights from the Recent Retirement Communities Australia Forum


“The first Retirement Communities Australia forum held in Melbourne in August was a great success, offering a lot of useful information to people thinking about retirement”, the organisers said. The forum, held on August 14 at the Spring Street Conference Centre was staged with the aim of helping retirees learn more about retirement and how to make the most out of it. With discussions about where to live, financial planning, lifestyle issues and how to stay fit and healthy as a senior, the Forum covered many of the common questions that retirees face.

Although they have previously run retirement-based expos, this is the first time that Retirement Communities Australia has organised a forum of this nature. RCA Managing Director, Andrew Philip, described the forum and the reasons behind organising it as “the first time we as a group have run a conference on the key issues facing people when approaching retirement.”

A wide variety of relevant topics

The panels and speakers were all experts, respected in their fields, and included healthcare professionals, lawyers, financial advisors and even current retirement village residents.

The topics covered by the forum were extensive and included:

• Keynote address by Dr Tim Adair from the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre presenting recent research on the motivations of Australian seniors when considering their retirement living options.

• Financial security in retirement. This included discussions about superannuation, savings, insurance and investment strategies.

• Retirement lifestyle considerations, which covered the different activities available to retirees including health and fitness, travel, continuing education and community engagement.

• Health and wellbeing for seniors which discussed stress management, health promotion, meditation and mind-body medicine.

• Retirement living options, including points around where retirees might want to live, considerations for staying in the family home and the legal aspects of retirement village living. The services and benefits available to retirees were also discussed in-depth during this session.

• Travel and leisure in retirement, which included a discussion about the different travel options available to retirees, particularly those with additional time and flexibility. Destinations within Australia and internationally were covered.

The day finished with an entertaining last session with John-Michael Howson from 3AW discussing life after work.

 A successful day for everyone

Overall the day was a great success, and the feedback after the event was extremely positive, as confirmed by Mr Philip. “Many people came up to me at the end of the day asking if we would do it again next year, because they found it incredibly valuable,” he said.

“The ability to access in-depth information on a wide range of topics on a single day was extremely useful and the panel discussions made the sessions enjoyable and interactive.”

Attendees went away from the forum with an increased knowledge of their options in retirement, and an improved understanding about the legal aspects of retirement living, and the many benefits of living in a retirement village.



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