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Are you thinking about retirement? Or perhaps you have recently retired, and have questions about things like financial planning, and downsizing? There’s a lot to think about, and the information you need to make informed choices about your retirement is not always readily available in one place. If you are of retirement age, and want to find out more about your options, and gain insight into what is now available to seniors in retirement, the Exploring Retirement forum is for you.

What is the Exploring Retirement Forum?

The one-day forum, to be held in Melbourne in August, will feature a series of information sessions, which are designed to help current and future retirees get the most out of their retirement. Along with information sessions, there will be more informal panel discussions about a number of issues that are important to retiring seniors, from health, lifestyle and financial matters, to planning travel during retirement.

What topics will be covered?

Some of the issues to be covered include:

• Financial planning, including an overview of savings and investments, superannuation, and how to optimise any Centrelink entitlements you may be able to receive. Other specific financial information that is relevant to retirees will also be covered during this session, including insurance and banking.

• Health topics, including how to stay healthy, preventative health, and health and wellbeing programs for retirees. There will also be discussion about how to manage existing health issues, along with advice about exercise and keeping fit.

• Transition issues that retirees face, including how to transition from full time work to retirement, and how to engage socially and reduce feelings of isolation.

• Travel during retirement, including the different ways you can travel easily, such as cruises, caravanning, and guided tours.

• Living arrangements, including downsizing from the family home and looking at retirement living and retirement villages. Many retirees choose not to remain in the family home after retirement due to size, cost, lack of amenities nearby, or a number of other reasons, which will be discussed during the panel.

• How to stay mentally active during retirement, including continued education, and learning new skills such as computer skills and technology.

• Working during retirement, including volunteering or part time paid work to help improve financial stability.

Who are the speakers?

The keynote speaker at the forum will be Dr Tim Adair, the Director of the National Seniors Productive Aging Centre. Dr Adair will talk about the latest research on people relocating to retirement villages. Other speakers will include James Dunn from Dunn Financial Media, who will speak about money matters, and a number of different representatives from local retirement villages, including residents.

Where is the forum being held?

The Exploring Retirement forum will be held at the Spring Street Conference Centre, 1 Spring St Melbourne, on Wednesday August 14, 2013. The forum runs from 9.30am to 4pm.

How do I book?

Places are limited, so bookings are essential. Call the booking secretary on (03) 9988 6023 to reserve your place.


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