Shopping for pleasure, not groceries

Shopping for pleasure, not groceries


Shopping for groceries online can make life easier. It means being free to shop for pleasure, uninterrupted by wonky trolley wheels, deli queues, price check delays and aisle rage. While you’re enjoy more fulfilling activities, your groceries are packed and delivered right to your door. All you need to do is put them away.

Here is why you should give online grocery shopping a try.

1.     No scrawled shopping list required

Once you register online with your preferred grocers, your online shopping list becomes your grocery order. You can keep adding to your list through the week. Then you simply review, edit and confirm your final order when you’re ready. A couple of tips here: make sure you save your updated shopping cart each time you add to your list, and any specials you’re snapping up don’t expire before you place your order.

If you have portable internet access you can do grocery shop with convenience - wherever you are, any time. I love online grocery shopping on holidays. It saves the frustration of feeling lost in unfamiliar aisles. It means spending holidays holidaying, not grocery shopping! Just check deliveries are made in the area where you’re staying. Don’t forget to change the delivery address while you’re away, so your groceries reach you.

2.     Better prices in a few clicks

Rather than driving from one grocery store, to another chasing down weekly specials – register with more than one preferred grocery supplier and compare prices online. Alternate your weekly online grocer so you can take advantage of specials, but keep weekly delivery costs contained.

3.     No more shopping trolley angst

Personally, I’m terrified of shopping trolleys on those precarious travelators. Next time you’re shopping, take note of where defibrillators in shopping complexes are located – always near escalators and travelators. There is also the challenge of making sure your trolley doesn’t take off across the car park as you unload grocery bags into your car.

4.     Packed for you, delivered right to your door

Bliss. There’s nothing more to say. This highlights my earlier point of making life easier.

5.     Avoid holiday grocery chaos

I know many people love meandering down the aisles, browsing grocery shelves. If you’re one of these, and regular online grocery shopping would take away from an outing you enjoy, keep shopping.

You may want to reconsider in peak holiday season – those days leading up to Christmas, Easter and long weekends where tensions run high, queues get ridiculous and shelves empty. Ordering my pre-Christmas Eve groceries online always makes me want to sing joyous carols loudly!

If you enjoy some aspects of grocery shopping, like browsing the deli, there’s no need to stop.  Use online grocery shopping as a way to stock up on those more mundane items, and enjoy your weekly outing.

Importantly, protect yourself. Visit the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online website for important tips on keeping your funds safe online.

Happy shopping!


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“…not ready for a retirement village?”

“…not ready for a retirement village?”

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