Entertaining the grandchildren over the summer holidays

Entertaining the grandchildren over the summer holidays


  Keeping the grandchildren entertained over the holidays can be a pleasure but at some time we are all bound to hear the words “I’m bored!”.

So with that in mind, we’ve created a list of activities suitable for seniors to entertain their grandchildren over these summer holidays.  Most of these activities can be carried out within your retirement village home.

Outdoor Games

Get the kids outside playing in the fresh air.  Tire them out with some of these classic outdoor games.  Of course it goes without saying to be sunsmart and play in the shade where possible.

  • Play ball
  • Skipping
  • Hide and seek
  • Hopscotch
  • Younger children enjoying painting the patio with a brush and a bucket of water
  • Make a campsite in the backyard.  Set up a tent and let the children camp out in the garden (with adult supervision!)
  • Red light, Green light (a fun game where children run around when you call “green light” and have to stop when you call “red light”
  • Or go to the park and play some cricket
  • Check out the Junior Ranger programme at Parks Victoria.  They have lots of fun and educational events over the holidays in different locations throughout Victoria.


How about planting some vegetables from seeds?  Children love to watch their seeds grow and can be responsible for watering them every day.  Or grow some herbs for the children to explore their smell and taste.  Sunflowers are always popular as they get very tall and have such dramatic flowers.

Indoor Games

  • Cut-ups:  cut pictures out of old magazines or brochures and make strings of paper dolls or pictures and collages.
  • Playing cards:  old fashioned favourites such as Snap or Go Fish.  Or memory games. Or for older children try teaching them Patience or Solitaire.  Great for helping with numeracy and concentration.
  • Sing songs:  children love to perform all the songs they’ve learned in school / preschool and perhaps they could stage a mini concert.
  • Read books:  create nice memories reading stories that their Mum or Dad enjoyed when they were young.  Or new memories with modern stories.
  • Have a teddy bear’s tea party.  Make some finger sandwiches, some weak tea, invite dolly and teddy too and sit down to a teddy bear’s tea party.
  • Make an indoor campsite.  Drape sheets over furniture to create tents.  Perhaps doll or teddies want to join in too.
  • Dressing up.  Take some old clothes, decorate them.  Or some costumes and play make believe games.
  • Jigsaws.  Great for practising concentration.  Get a big jigsaw and keep it set up on a dining table for daily entertainment until it’s complete.
  • Bake cookies together.  Share your favourite recipes and keep some family traditions going.  Or perhaps make some gingerbread men.  Children can enjoy cutting out and decorating.


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