Energy Efficient building design at RCA villages

Energy Efficient building design at RCA villages


As well as paying more attention to setting and access to nature, an increasing number of retirement communities are being built with eco-friendly principles in mind. As part of a modern retirement village, all homes built in Retirement Communities Australia villages make use of environmentally sustainable principles as a fundamental part of the design.   Their focus is to create secure and friendly community living environments for active seniors that are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

By maximising the natural landscape features, residents can take advantage of reduced heating costs in winter and cheaper cooling costs in summer.  For example, Beleura Village, Mornington is situated on a north south axis to make the most of natural light and cross breezes.  As a standard, every home is equipped with solar hot water to help conserve natural resources and as a bonus, reduce energy costs.

All Retirement Communities Australia villas are 6 star rated for energy efficiency.  In order to achieve this, all villas are built to the following specifications:

A solar hot water service is standard at all RCA villas.  They also come supplied with an electric booster for winter.  Some residents have been able to live entirely on solar until May before needing the electric booster.

  • All villas are fitted with a 2000L rain water tank

A 2000L rain water tank is fitted in the garden and is plumbed into the toilets so all flushes are generated from rain water.  They are also fitted with taps to allow environmentally sustainable ways to water the garden

  •  All villas are solar orientated

All villas are built facing a northerly aspect to take advantage of the winter sun for heating and have wide eaves for shading from the summer sun.   All properties are built to include a courtyard or terrace onto which access is gained via a triple glazed sliding door. Not only is this energy efficient, it also creates a beautiful aspect.

  •  Insulation

All the exterior walls of the villas are rendered using 90mm thick, compressed foam board.  This creates a superior insulation to keep heat in during winter while helping to keep cool in the summer.

  •  Heating / Air Conditioning

All villas are fitted with reverse cycle a/c and heating systems – the most efficient form of heating and cooling a property.

  •  Energy efficient lighting

All villas are fitted with energy efficient lighting.


If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a move to a modern retirement village around Melbourne. Booking a tour at one of the RCA Villages around Melbourne can be a great place to start. Visit the website of the village in the region you would like to visit for contact details.

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Ask about RCA Villages no deposit reservation process on new villas.

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