Bowling at Retirement Communities Australia villages

Bowling at Retirement Communities Australia villages


Although many retirement villages only have a two or three rink bowling green, which cannot be registered with Bowls Victoria for pennant bowls competitions, a unique element to Retirement Communities Australia is that all villages have four or more rink greens.  All RCA village bowling greens are registered with Bowls Victoria.   Furthermore, the bowling greens at RCA’s Point Cook Village and Cardinia Waters Village have both been assessed and awarded the highest possible ranking by Bowls Victoria, in terms of surface quality. RCA has invested in championship-sized greens at all its villages.  Each retirement village has formally established a bowling club with one or more village pennant teams and they have been very successful.   Last season all Cardinia Waters Bowling Club teams won their pennant division competition.  The Point Cook Village Bowling Club has registered a Tuesday pennant team this season and has high hopes of success.

RCA residents have the option of keeping existing club membership going or playing pennant competition for their village team.  Even if they choose to stay with their outside club team, they can also become a social member with their village club.  Or for those heavily involved in outside clubs the option remains to just play social bowls at the village, as the green is available for all residents to use.

Lawn bowls is ranked the fifth most popular sport and physical activity in Australia and more than three quarters of players are over 55 years of age.  As well as being a great form of physical activity, lawn bowls is also a wonderful social activity. You can meet more people in your local area and make new friends. People who take part in lawn bowls develop skills and coordination, which not only improves their fitness, but also helps their confidence and self-esteem.

What are the health benefits of bowls?

Bowls provides exercise of a moderate intensity. Similar to walking with free weights, bowling is an anaerobic form of exercise.  It helps burn calories and works muscle groups not usually exercised during normal activities.

Muscles are flexed during the twisting and swinging motion performed while bowling, exercising tendons, ligaments muscles and joints in the arms, aiding weight loss by burning fat in the process.

While some sports are not for older people, it is possible to play bowls very well at advanced ages.  Bowling also offers a mental challenge for people of all ages through the development of skills and tactics.

Aside from helping you stay fit, bowling is a great way to interact with friends and meet new people.Bowling is also considered to be a very good form of relaxation, can help get rid of stress, and act as a stimulus for your competitive nature as a sportsman.


See the links below for RCA villages that feature championship pennant bowling greens and are registered by Bowls Victoria.


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