Active Seniors in Pakenham

Active Seniors in Pakenham


Living in a retirement village gives residents access to a wide range of activities right on their doorstep. And, as well as getting involved in the village community and enjoying the facilities on offer, residents can also choose to participate in the wider community with a number of opportunities to volunteer, socialise and enjoy sporting events outside the village.

A number of the residents of Cardinia Waters Village in Pakenham have been taking advantage of these opportunities to become part of the community as a whole. Here are a few of the different activities that residents have taken part in recently:


For residents who feel they want to give something back to the local community, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in a number of different areas. Some residents choose to help with fundraising for the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, while others volunteer in hospitals and other medical facilities supporting patients and their carers.

Other areas of opportunity for volunteers include assisting with reading in schools, and volunteering on bush regeneration projects in environmentally sensitive areas. There are also opportunities for residents to get involved in teaching English as a Foreign Language to recently arrived members of the community.


There are plenty of sporting activities available around Pakenham for seniors. Getting involved in sports gives residents an opportunity to broaden their social circles, and provides them with a competitive outlet away from their retirement villages. Some of the activities on offer include bowling tournaments, and car racing.

For those who like to keep active without necessarily being competitive, there are seniors’ bike riding and walking clubs available. Residents can enjoy getting out and exploring the wider local area and meeting like-minded people from the community.

Social activities

It is easy to meet people in the wider community with a number of different social activities and groups taking place for seniors. Some of these include book clubs and senior lunches. There are also a few active church groups in the Pakenham area, which give residents the chance to participate in choirs, Sunday school and fundraising activities.

There are seniors clubs located around in Cockatoo, Gembrook and Garfield, which have a range of social and volunteering activities on offer for local residents.

For those who like to keep their brains active and learn new things, there is a great opportunity to get involved in U3A groups in and around Pakenham. Whether residents want to improve their knowledge in a particular area, or want to share their experiences with others, they can get involved and enjoy meeting a range of people from a whole variety of different backgrounds.


Local residents in and around Cardinia Waters can also broaden their travel horizons by joining car and caravan clubs. Pakenham has a RACV caravan club, which is a great opportunity for locals to meet and share stories, plan trips together or just chat to like-minded people. The Gippsland Ramblers club, based in Garfield, also holds monthly motorhome owner meetings in different locations around Gippsland.

With so many different activities to choose from in the wider community, retirement village residents have no excuse not to get out and get involved. Cardinia Shire is packed with opportunities for seniors, and no matter what their interests and skills, residents can enjoy a broad range of activities, both within the retirement village community and outside.


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