Part 4 of Our Retirement Village Model: Active Management

Part 4 of Our Retirement Village Model: Active Management


Welcome to the fourth of our series of articles on RCA’s unique philosophies and retirement village operating model. As our ageing population grows, so does the number of retirement living choices. In this series, we are exploring what makes Retirement Communities Australia (RCA) retirement villages unique and a great lifestyle choice for many Victorian seniors.

A warm welcome

We’re a family owned business bringing decades of passion, experience and knowledge about Victoria’s retirement village industry to each of our retirement villages. Our philosophies are multi-faceted and always focused on optimising lifestyle choices for our residents.

Join us and explore each of these facets further, starting with the philosophies that drive our village locations and designs in Part 1 of this series – Our retirement village model: philosophy driven design; Part 2 – Good value for money; and Part 3 – Active Health.

In Part 4, we’ll dive deeper into RCA’s Active Management approach and why it is an important feature for our residents.

Active Management: defining the culture of our villages

Distinguishing RCA in the retirement village industry, is that each of our villages’ residents have a say in how each village is run. Each RCA village is autonomous in running itself, supported by a Village Manager.

This autonomy was an important consideration in our retirement village model. We want each village to be responsive to the needs and aspirations of its residents. In this way, residents define the culture of each village. “It’s their home, so who better to set the direction for a village than its residents,” reflected RCA Managing Director, Andrew Philip.

As a result, the culture of each of our villages is distinctly different, supported by an operating model that intentionally encourages a lifestyle and service delivery that is embraced by the residents that call the village home.

What is Active Management?

Our Active Management model is exclusive to RCA villages. Each village is run by the equivalent of a body corporate, or a Board-like independent body (an association). Every resident of each village is automatically granted membership of the association. Each village’s association is then led by a Committee of Management (CoM).

Of the Committee members, the majority – seven out of 10 – are residents, elected by the residents. The remaining three seats are occupied by representatives of RCA.  The CoM sets the strategy and direction of how the village runs. This endows residents with direct influence to ensure that important considerations such as ongoing fees are fair, and as low as practicable.

Importantly, while the CoM invests their time and commitment to running the village, it is the Village Manager who is then responsible for implementing the decisions agreed on.

“The Committee sets the direction and makes the decisions, so that they can then instruct the Village Manager to do the heavy lifting and hard work,” Andrew Philip shared.

Why is Active Management important?

There are mutual benefits in our Active Management approach. Residents that have a say in how their homes are run, are empowered, and happier, residents. This means that the Village Manager is free to focus predominately on day to day management issues, rather than being a conciliator of disgruntled, disempowered residents.

“Active Management allows us to take advantage of the experience that residents have had throughout their lives. Residents are from so many different industries and varied roles, and have plenty to contribute in setting the direction of each village,” said Gary Stanley, Area Manager.

On the other side, representing residents on the Committee requires commitment and drive, and is a positive way to stay engaged in a very purposeful way. It gives residents authority to control their destiny and manage costs in a way that is fair to all. It also provides an enormous sense of ownership, as they run the village as they do their home.

Before moving into an RCA village, residents had a say in how they ran their home, their work or their business. Our Active Management model continues this theme. “Why should that stop? We actively encourage our residents to get involved in the running of their village. And why not? It is their home,” shared Andrew Philip.

“…and with the Village Manager doing the legwork, residents can set the direction, make decisions and then go off and enjoy a three month sabbatical in North Queensland, if they choose to.”

Watch the video

In this video, RCA’s Managing Director Andrew Philip, and RCA Area Manager, Gary Stanley share their perspectives on this unique retirement village model – Active Management.

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