Laugh lines, not crows feet

Laugh lines, not crows feet

By Kathie Gray | Originally printed in the newsletter of Point Cook Village, The Egret.

The importance of adopting a good skin care regimen is a must! There is no excuse to neglect your skin if one is on a tight budget; we only have one skin so give it the tender loving care it deserves.

I remember when I was very young, looking at the skin care products on my mothers’ dressing table viz. Ponds Cold Cream, Vanishing Cream and Oil of Ulan - there was very little advertising in those days and not a lot to choose from.  

The same cannot be said today; we are bombarded with so many products. Advertisers use very young models to promote Anti-Aging Cream or film star claiming she looks young due to the skin care product that she is using - with no mention of her favourite plastic surgeon or the photo-shopping talents of the photographer!

Today’s manufacturers make it easier for us to choose the correct skincare for our skin type and age group.  If your skin is sensitive always use a product that is perfume free.

After cleansing with a cleanser advised for your skin type, dab a little toner on a small make-up pad or cotton wool and gently wipe over the face and neck in an upward movement - it’s amazing the residue that comes off when you think your skin is clean. Astringents should only be used on oily skin as they are alcohol based and can be very drying. A face serum applied day and night before moisturising will help to hydrate and plump the skin. 

Just because a product is expensive does not mean it is the best.  There are many affordable beauty products on the market. For example, Aldi’s Lacura range is reasonably priced and has a very good track record. Chemist Warehouse and Priceline also have a wide selection of skin care products to suit a tight budget. Remember to lookout for specials when they are available - it can be a real saving.  

Whenever applying anything to the face always use an upward circular motion - don’t drag the skin downwards. Gravity is doing a good enough job of this without us helping it along. A night cream is a thicker consistency than a day cream, and if you can use a day cream with an inclusive sun-screen, that is a bonus!

An eye cream can help soften the ‘crow’s feet’ (we prefer to call them ‘laugh lines’).  Dab a little cream on the Orbital Bone (that’s the bone under the eye), a little is better than a lot, as too much will cause puffiness, and we don’t want that do we! Always pat the eye area, don’t drag it as the skin is very delicate under the eye.

If you have specific skin concerns, always follow your Health Care Professional’s advice. Finally, it is important to drink plenty of water for hydration and keeping out of the sun will do wonders for your skin.

Know your skin type

The main skin types are Dry, Normal, Combination and Oily. It is important to use the right product for your skin type.
DRY AND NORMAL - Both tend to be flaky if you are not sufficiently hydrated.
COMBINATION - Signs are an oily T-zone (enlarged pores around the nose and a shinier forehead).
OILY - A tendency to have acne or the occasional breakout.

About Kathie Gray

After many years working as an office manager, Kathie Gray followed her passion and embarked on a new career in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Her 20 year long career commenced with gaining qualifications at the Cosmetic Studio and Flagstaff College. She went on to work at Myer Melbourne for Max Factor and Innoxa. Following a decade at Myer, Kathie joined an agency, which afforded her flexibility and variety. During this time, she also built her own list of clients doing wedding and special occasion make-up on the weekends and also
volunteered for Cancer Council’s Look Good Feel Better program. “When first meeting the ladies, they were often (understandably) feeling down due to the effect the treatment had on their appearance. By the end of the session though they were chatty and much more confidant. It was a very rewarding experience.” Kathie continued to work in the industry until her retirement, when she and her husband John downsized to Point Cook Village. Kathie’s beauty advice is often sought by the ladies in the village. Her beauty tips series in the Village newsletter has been a great success. 

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FAQs: How much say do I or family members have over the resale of my retirement village accommodation?

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