Finding your style over 60: women's style tips

Finding your style over 60: women's style tips

As a woman moving through the post-menopausal years, your body, hair and skin are rarely reflective of younger days.

So, if you continue to style your hair the same way you did twenty years ago, use the same skin care products and routines, and dress the same way, you may not be reflecting the very best of the more mature you.

Here are our eight top tips for staying ageless when it comes to style.

1.         Choose clothing to complement your lifestyle

Think about the life you are living now. Consider the activities, outings and commitments you enjoy during a typical week. Picture yourself standing in front of your wardrobe. Do you have practical options close at hand, or do you frequently experience the ‘nothing to wear’ dilemma? The solution to this dilemma is to invest in clothing that reflects the reality of your current lifestyle. That way, you’ll always have something to wear.

If you haven’t worn an item of clothing over the past four seasons, it may just be time to take an opportunity to donate it to someone that may be able to make more use of it. And it feels great to tidy out your wardrobe!

2.         Create a core wardrobe

Once you have considered the realities of the lifestyle you lead and sold or given away items of clothing you will never wear again, you can begin to create a core wardrobe. I have heard some wardrobe consultants recommend that everyone should have a set of four perfectly fitting clothing basics.

These include a:

  • classic cut simple dress
  • pair of fitted pants
  • shirt; and
  • jacket.

I think I would include my favourite jeans as a fifth wardrobe essential!

If you want to take your core wardrobe further with thirty (30) key pieces – read this article Stylist Wendy Mak on why you only need 30 pieces of clothing to create a wardrobe.

Whether you choose four or thirty basics, your core wardrobe items can be built upon with inexpensive accessories and on-trend items. 

3.         Introduce variety through accessories

A core wardrobe, chosen to compliment the life you live, can be livened up through accessories. There is no need to invest in expensive statement pieces, particularly when fashions change so rapidly. Instead, a scarf or wrap in an on-trend colour is a great way to update your look each season.

Earrings, brooches, necklaces and beads can add interest to your outfits and are the perfect way to individualise your look.

4.         Invest in comfortable shoes

Good quality shoes can be expensive, but they really are a worthwhile investment. If your feet are starting to give you grief, consider booking into a podiatrist and ask for advice on choosing the right shoes.

If you enjoy exercise, visit a sports shoe shop and have your gait measured, appropriate footwear can then be recommended according to your specific needs.

For social outings, consider flat, or court heeled shoes. No longer relegated to the safe and boring section, there are many stylish and attractive low-heeled shoes on the market. You can dance the night away and your back will thank you in the morning!

5.         Update your skin care and makeup selection

If you’ve been wearing the same shade of lipstick since the late 1990s, it might be time for a change! The easiest way to refresh your look is to introduce a couple of new lipstick shades. Experiment at the makeup counter but avoid severe colours and reach for sheer textures, they are less aging. Talk to the salesperson about booking in a makeup consultation – perhaps do this across a variety of brands. You can open up a whole new look that reflects who you are by seeking independent, and  professional, advice about skin care and makeup.

For example, a foundation that is a slightly warmer tone than your skin can help to avoid a pallid looking complexion. Eye shadow palettes in sage or jewel tones can be more flattering than shades of bone and brown.

Swirl blush high on the apples of your cheeks to create an instant lift, and the illusion of fullness.  Applying blush in straight strokes from mouth to ear, as we were all taught to do, can emphasise the gaunt hollows in our cheeks, which is not a good look as we age! 

As for skin care, technology in cosmeceutical products (think cosmetics, skin care and pharmaceutical products combined) change rapidly and you can find a tailored product to suit your skin type, and even make applying your makeup easier than ever.

6.         Book a hair consultation

Hairdressers are always happy to meet with their clients and discuss potential new styles and colours. There’s no need to commit to a complete overhaul, but sometimes the years slip by and we don’t realise that the hair style that was once flattering has become somewhat less so!

Softer colours, a change in length and clever highlighting can all enhance the appearance and health of your hair.

Changing shampoo and conditioner to suit your changed hair type can also make a positive difference.

7.         Stand up straight and strong

Remember parents and teachers telling you to stand up straight, put your shoulders back and keep your eyes to the horizon? Turns out that training was good for you! A slumping posture and rounded shoulders can add years to your appearance. Have you ever seen a yoga instructor look anything other than vibrant and healthy? Stand tall and feel proud of who you are and what you stand for.

Strong core and abdominal muscles are essential to maintain a straight posture. Gentle exercises, including Pilates and aqua aerobics, can be helpful for strengthening your core and stabilising your posture.  While a more vigorous yoga class can step your exercise routine up and do wonders for the way you hold your body, and how you think about your body.

8.         Nurture your inner self

It is easy to think about style in terms of our appearance. It is always important to remember that beauty truly does come from within. Paying attention to your own needs and pursuing your interests usually has a positive impact on your general wellbeing. There is no mistaking the beauty that comes from taking care of your inner self. And, there is nothing more stylish than a woman who loves the life she lives.

How would you describe your style? Who are your style icons?


By Lyndal Phillips | Content Services Melbourne


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