'Pandavans' to promote China tourism

'Pandavans' to promote China tourism

Jamie McKinnell | AAP | April 27 2017 3:31 am

A fleet of giant panda-themed campervans will circumnavigate the country to encourage Australians to consider China as their next holiday destination.

The 10 vehicles will act as travelling information booths and hand out information on China's drawcards, including its ancient wonders, cuisine and modern cities.

The 11-week tour, which was organised as a joint Australian-Chinese tourism initiative, will cover more than 30,000 kilometres.

"The giant panda is a national treasure of China and a great symbol of friendship between our nations," said director of the China National Tourist Office Luo Weijian.

Images and videos from the trek will be published on multiple Chinese social media platforms in a move Mr Luo said would give "millions upon millions of Chinese people an insight into the diverse landscapes and cultures of Australia".

More than one million Chinese visitors come to Australia every year while in 2016, about 770,000 Australians holidayed in China.

The tour will be launched in Sydney on Thursday and include stops in Brisbane, far north Queensland, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Perth and Darwin.

Image: unsplash.com

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