Senior living legal advice

Senior living legal advice

Moving into a retirement village is a life changing decision. All big life decisions are best made based on expert guidance by a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

If you have a retirement village contract in your hand and want some independent advice, start with a lawyer first. Here’s why.

A lawyer can help you make an informed decision before you sign anything

Your senior years and transition to retirement is an exciting time to make decisions about where you want to live.

There are many senior living choices open to you in Victoria but unfamiliar terms and legislation can not only be baffling, but makes it challenging to compare.

Making the decision to buy into a lifestyle at a retirement village is not the same as buying a residential property.

When you choose a retirement village, your investment and contractual terms are not just about making a decision on the physical building and property. Your decision is about investing in a lifestyle that comes with terms and conditions that are defined in the Retirement Villages Act 1986 (as amended). There is a lot more to lifestyle than bricks, mortar and lawn, including benefits and rights as well as obligations.

A lawyer can help guide your decision-making by reviewing the contract, ensuring it complies with the legislation and that you fully understand what you’re signing, then providing that advice in writing.

To provide you with legal advice in Victoria a lawyer must hold a current Victorian practising certificate. You can check this by visiting the Victorian Legal Profession Register or using the online search for Register extracts

Reviewing your risks and acceptable and unacceptable contractual terms is best provided by a lawyer. A lawyer will work with you to review, decipher and provide you with written legal advice and recommendations.

This advice and guidance can help reassure you, your family and friends that you are fully informed about the contract in front of you beyond the property transaction – before you enter into, or walk away from, any agreement.

A lawyer may offer conveyancing services too. But a conveyancer, is not always a qualified lawyer. Many legal practices offer both these services.

For more information visit the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner – Working with your lawyer page.

A conveyancer is helpful after you’ve made a well informed decision to purchase

A conveyancer is the legal expert you need once you are comfortable with, and you’ve made the decision to, purchase. Conveyancers specialise in property transfers and are limited in the amount of legal advice they can offer. A conveyancer is not always a lawyer.

According to the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner, conveyancing is a service focused on the legal work associated with the property transaction.

A non-lawyer conveyancer can’t carry out legal work, including offering legal advice, beyond Section 4 of the Conveyancers Act. Once your questions go outside of the scope of the Conveyancers Act, a conveyancer has to refer you to a lawyer for advice.

As with any significant life decision, including purchasing a retirement village lifestyle, it is important to be well informed and advisable to seek the best legal advice possible before you enter into a contract.

For more information visit the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner – Lawyers and conveyancing page.

Article by Julie Pearce | Content Services Melbourne

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