Safe as houses: top tips for securing your home while you’re away

Safe as houses: top tips for securing your home while you’re away

If you're planning to make the most of your retirement years and travel is a priority, what can you do to make sure your home doesn't become a target for opportunistic burglars?

The aftermath of a burglary can be emotionally and financially devastating. Banish burglars with these top tips for securing your home while you enjoy a holiday.

Be alarmed

Security systems can provide effective protection for your home. Sometimes the sight of strategically placed alarm sensors or security cameras can be enough to deter opportunistic burglars.  

There are numerous home security systems on the market. You can choose a DIY option from the local hardware centre, or you can opt for a professional installation from a reputable security company.

The DIY option saves you up-front costs and puts you in control of the process. If you get yourself into a muddle, you can always employ a technician to complete the task!

Choosing a professional to install your alarm system can help to ensure the sensors are placed for optimal protection and allows you to relax knowing that an expert is in charge.

Lock the door

Security doors provide a strong, front line of defence against would-be intruders.  When choosing a security door, you will need to consider two things: the level of protection you require, and the aesthetic you find appealing.

Depending on your needs, the composition of the frame might be steel or aluminium; the infill of the door could feature a decorative motif, or a combination of bars and mesh.

Not only will a security door protect your property while you are away, it will allow you to open your home up to a fresh breeze, without the fear of enticing unexpected visitors!

Pruning is prudent

Deter thieves by ensuring a clear line of sight exists between the street and the front of your house. Bushy hedges and dangly branches might give burglars just the cover they need to peer into your windows, assess your valuables and attempt a break in.

Give your garden a thorough prune before your departure date, especially if you are planning a big trip. Not only will this maintain the sight lines, but it will prevent your overgrown garden giving away the hint that no one is home.

Stand out on the street and assess your property. Can you see how easy it would be for someone to take their time doing a little reconnaissance of your home under the cover of plants and trees?

Banish shadows

Well placed exterior security sensor lights are a wise investment for helping deter night time intruders. Coupled with security cameras you’ll significantly reduce your risk of being an easy target. A burglar will be less inclined to take the risk when they’re likely to get caught in the act.

To work out where sensor lights are best placed, put yourself in the boots of someone considering your home as a burglary target in the cover of darkness. Where are the darkest entry points where someone could slip into your property unnoticed?

Pack your toys away

Don’t leave your gardening tools on display when you are away from home. Ladders, shovels and crow bars are very handy accessories for an opportunistic robber intent on completing a break and enter on your property.

In the wrong hands, your garden tools can be used to jimmy doors, smash windows and scale walls. Before you take off on your next big trip, take the time to complete a thorough check of your front, back, and side yard spaces. Don’t invite a burglar into your home by providing easy access to your belongings. Pack all your gardening tools away, and out of sight, in a shed or garage.

Arrange a house sitter

House sitting has become a popular means of maintaining home security. Organising a house sitter can minimise the need to make too many preparations before going on holiday.

Depending on individual agreements, you can request a house sitter to care for your pets, collect your mail, keep your pool clean and tidy your garden.

Many people enjoy the peace of mind engaging a house sitter can bring. It can be a comfort to know that your home is being cared for and protected, even while you are away. If you are interested in finding a house sitter in your area, please visit the Happy House Sitters website.

Home, safe home

Enhanced home security is one of the great benefits of the retirement community lifestyle. Most retirement village residents know one another, or look out for one another, and are keen to support the travel and holiday plans of their peers.

It is easy to ask a village neighbour to keep an eye on your home, to collect your mail and to report anything suspicious while you are away. Due to the proximity of friends and neighbours, it is no trouble to offer the same support in return.

What measures do you have in place to ensure your home is safe from burglars?

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