Low maintenance landscaping

Low maintenance landscaping

Low maintenance landscaping is more than just concrete, boulders and pebble mix. You can create a picturesque garden space that requires minimum input, for maximum freedom and enjoyment. Instead of spending hours working on the garden, why not plan to relax in the garden?

These tips and tricks for creating low maintenance garden spaces bring you the benefits of the outdoors, without having to endure the ties that bind you to hours of mowing, weeding, pruning and watering.

Go native

Native Australian plants are the perfect choice for low maintenance landscaping. They are hardy, slow growing and, most importantly, forgiving of neglect. Native species of succulents rarely require watering, and pruning is mostly optional. A visit to your local nursery will reveal a wide range of easy to grow, affordable and attractive native plants.  Many native plants can be propagated; you could even exchange cuttings with your neighbours and friends and extend the variety of plants in your garden.  

Love the locals

When choosing native plants for your garden, it is important to consider the climate and conditions of your area. Plants with local provenance are more likely to grow than plants native to other regions. Your garden will flourish, and the local wildlife will thrive, when you incorporate local native plants into your low maintenance outdoor spaces. To ensure you choose plants that are native to your area, consult the Australian Native Plants (Victoria) website for region by region information.  

Pave the way

Paving is a popular feature of low maintenance landscaping. Include paved spaces in your landscape design to serve multiple purposes; paving can create a space to place outdoor furniture, a setting for a fire pit or an area where feature pot plants and small herb gardens can be nurtured. You might like to pave an underused corner of the yard, or create little pathways to add interest as they meander through the garden.

All decked out

Decking is a wonderful low maintenance landscaping option. Build a deck to decrease the garden space you need to maintain, and increase the space you have available for entertainment and relaxation. To create an additional, multipurpose room, install transparent blinds around the deck. Your deck could become a sheltered spot to catch the winter sun, and a pretty place to enjoy the view on a summer evening.

Get off the grass

Tired of weeding, edging, watering and mowing the lawn? Artificial grass is an affordable and easy to maintain landscaping solution. Far from looking ‘fake’, the modern version of artificial grass appears almost identical to the real thing.  Artificial grass suits any garden setting and is available in a variety of colours, piles and thatches. No need to worry about your pets - or grandkids -  wrecking the lawn, artificial grass is virtually indestructible!

Showcase the stars

Low maintenance doesn’t have to mean low interest. Plan to showcase a small number of feature plants in your garden space. Use solar powered up-lighting to make a night-time highlight of your favourite specimens. You might like to consider slow growing, evergreen natives, that require only minimal pruning, for your feature plants.

Put a timer on it

Watering the garden can be a relaxing pastime, but you want to be free to travel and not worry about your precious plants drying out. Complete your low maintenance approach to landscaping by installing a fully automated drip irrigation system. Simple to install and easy to operate, a garden irrigation system can provide an efficient way to water your garden. By timing the operation of your irrigation system to take advantage of off-peak rates, you can save money, as well as time.

Weeds away

Weed control begins with careful preparation. The best way to prevent weeds from taking hold in your garden is to install weed matting. Dig under your garden beds, before you commence planting, and cover the area in weed matting. Place mulch, top soil or river pebbles on top of the weed matting. For the best results, invest in weed matting of high quality and long-lasting durability.

These low maintenance landscaping ideas will save you time, money and energy. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the task of keeping everything neat and tidy; low maintenance design aims to give you back time you need to enjoy your garden.

What do you like to do in your garden?

Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash

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