Saftey Beach

Safety Beach: Our Newest Village Location

At Retirement Communities Australia, we are very excited about our new village, which opened at... More

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A brief introduction to retirement villages

Choosing a lifestyle that fits your retirement needs and aspirations can feel exciting, life... More

Retirement Villages in Victoria FAQ

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Sightseeing: free for seniors

Sightseeing: free for seniors

Enjoy great sightseeing in Victoria: free for seniors or concession card holders Leave your car... More

Point Cook: perfect picnic pickings

Point Cook: perfect picnic pickings

Planning a picnic outing is a piece of cake (pardon the pun), anyone can do it, on any budget.... More

Gone are the old days of a cosy bedsit and shared tea room. Today's retirement villages cater for active over 55s, while allowing them to age in place.

“…not ready for a retirement village?”

As more seniors seek out active, healthy lifestyles beyond their salaried years, retirement living... More

Shopping for groceries online can make life easier. Image of brown paper grocery bag with fresh ingredients spilling out.

Shopping for pleasure, not groceries

Shopping for groceries online can make life easier. It means being free to shop for pleasure,... More

The Age Pension - 5 things you need to know.

The Age Pension: 5 things you need to know

We’re living longer, more active, healthier lives. Ample investment in medical, pharmaceutical... More

Simplify your living, maximise your enjoyment in your retirement years

Simplify your living, maximise enjoyment

New houses are getting bigger across Australia, while apartments and units are shrinking. If... More