Saftey Beach

Safety Beach: Our Newest Village Location

At Retirement Communities Australia, we are very excited about our new village, which opened at... More

Reading glasses, pencil and small print

A brief introduction to retirement villages

Choosing a lifestyle that fits your retirement needs and aspirations can feel exciting, life... More

Retirement Villages in Victoria FAQ

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WW1 Centenary. Take part in the global commemoration.

Take part in a global commemoration: WW1 Centenary

This year, the world is commemorating 100 years since the start of the First World War (WW1). The... More

Build your brain brawn. Your brain will thank you for a healthy daily workout, and so will your family and friends. Better still, its about indulging in doing or learning something new, often.

Sudoku and improving your golf swing: build your brain brawn

Build your brain brawn Your brain will thank you for a healthy daily workout, and so will your... More

Going nuts for coconut! Good health under a tough exterior.

Going nuts for coconut!

Coconut oil is the new kid on the super food block. Claims it has positive effects on almost... More

Financial security in retirement

Keep your nest egg safe: retirement funds are no windfall

Keep your nest egg safe If an investment scheme sounds like it could fund your retirement in a way... More

RCA - Retirement villages offer various promotions and bonuses to residents that move in during construction stages. It means you can choose the time to move in that gives you the best options.

Take advantage of retirement village promotions during construction

“Timing and the life cycle of a retirement village can be important factors for some residents.... More

Tips and tools for family conversations about retirement.

We care. Love from your family x

Dear Dad, You always told me never to go to bed leaving words unsaid. So I didn’t sleep well... More